Nepali movie I am sorry

The Nepali movie I am sorry was released on 10th February, 2012 in all theaters across Nepal. The movie, directed by Dinesh Rout, features Aryan Sigdel and Keki Adhikari in the lead roles. It is a love story of two people Gaurav and Shruti.

Shruti (Keki Adhikari) is a daughter of a very rich family who is also responsible for her family business and over-whelmed with the pressure of her family business and with the high class society life, she runs away to find a new place to live a normal life. During the course of time, she meets Gaurav, an innocent taxi driver, who helps her to settle in the new place. Gradually, as everyone would have guessed by now, they start to fall for each other but do not express their feelings to each other anytime soon. One day, both of them plan to meet and express their feelings but at that moment Shruti’s father arrives and takes her back also Gaurav is kidnap by a gang. What happens next is for the viewers to find out after watching the movie.


The movie ‘ I AM SORRY ‘ seems to be one of the good love stories in Nepali film industry. The director has done a very good job and the presentation and story or the movie is good along with the songs that are melodious and wonderful. The first half of the movie is interesting, however, some scenes are unrealistic such as children of remote areas of Nepal uses English language with a taxi driver, also a love story is shown in a show for orphanage. Actor Aryan Sigdel seems to be unfair to his acting and could not meet the expectation of its fan as a lover boy, however, Keki Adhikari has performed very well in the movie.

Overall, I Am Sorry is a good movie with a good story, good presentation, location and good music which shows a positive step into the Nepali film industry and is sure to win the heart of audiences.