Ilam, beautiful hill station

The town famous for tea producing in Nepal, Ilam municipality is situated in the Ilam District in the hilly eastern region of the country. Ilam is not only famous for tea production but also for its natural sceneries and landscapes. The small hill station in the eastern Nepal, Ilam is a beautiful place with sloped tea gardens, lush green forests, holy sites and unique culture and civilization. The romantic sunrise and sunset, walk in the tea gardens, picnic and sightseeing spots, holy shrines and cultural heritage and short treks along the slopes into nearby jungles offered here makes the place one of the must- visit destinations in Nepal.

The bus services from Kathmandu and other major cities take you to the land of Ilam which is approximately 700 km and 18 hour drive to the east of the capital city. Also, the flights are available from Kathmandu to Biratnagar or Bhadrapur from where Ilam could be accessed by bus. However, there are no direct flights to Ilam from Kathmandu and also no airport is present here.

Antu Danda, Chhintapu, Kanyam, Fikkal, Sadakpur and Mai Pokhari are some of the most visited and popular places in Ilam district. There are also many religious sites in beautiful town of Ilam that observes many devotees every year, some of them are: Gajur Mukhi, Pathibhara, Mai Beni, Narayansthan, Singha Bahini, Sati Devi temple and Puwa Khola, etc. Every year on the occasion of Kartik Ekadasi during October or November, devotes throng to Mai Pokhari from different parts of Nepal. Moreover, thousands visit Mai Beni during Maghe Sangrati during the month of January. The majority of people living in this district are Brahmin, Chettri and Lepchas.

Home-stay and hotels are available for food and accommodation and the place has complete facilities of medical, communication, transportation and other facilities. The best time to visit Ilam is between October-December and April-February. Ilam is one of the best places in Nepal and is a popular hill station to get close to nature as well as culture.