Jai Nepal Cinemas

Jai Nepal Cinemas was established by the Quest Entertainment in order to provide modern, comfortable, well furnished and well facilitated cinema hall for the cinema lovers. The hall is said to be the first one to be developed as a well facilitated movie theatre serving its audience for more than a decade now.

During the time when people hesitated to go to movie halls for watching the latest movies with a fear that they might have to face ill-mannered people and unsocial activities inside the hall, Jai Nepal came as a way of revolutionizing cinema going experience. The first fully facilitated hall was appropriate to visit not only with friends but also family and couples went there. Unlike the modern halls, however, it has only one screen. Although the cinema hall is build according to the old model, that existed during the time, it was well facilitated compared to other halls of the time.

jai nepal cinemas

It changed the movie going habit of the people of the capital. One of the popular cinema halls from past to present, Jai Nepal screens not only Hindi or Nepali but also English movies. The sound system and other technological aspects use QFX technology and in present day, it is also known as QFX Jai Nepal.

The wide cemented lawn provides parking spaces for your personal vehicles while you enjoy the movie inside the theatre. There are two sitting areas assigned to the viewers that goes by the name of ‘Gold’ and ‘Silver’, one being on the first floor another on the ground. Although the seats might not feel as comfortable as its new establishment in Civil Mall, it is acceptable as it was built many years ago. The stalls inside the lobby offer various snacks like popcorns, nachos, etc. and drinks like coffee, soft drinks, etc. The tickets could be purchased from the ticket counter in the main building facing towards the main entrance gate. You can also purchase your ticket online by meaning a member of the QFX Club, just log on to www.qfxcinemas.com or book your tickets via official website of Jai Nepal www.jainepal.com. The theatre is located in Hattishar, Kathmandu, between Nag Pokhari and Durbarmarg.