Jaulo or Khichadi

Jaulo or Khichadi is one of the popular dishes made in Nepal. It also has a special day dedicated to it, which falls on Magh first or on the occasion of Maghe Sangrati.

Jaulo or Khichadi is a simple dish made without the use of any spices. It could be eaten as breakfast lunch or dinner as it is light, however, could be made a little heavier with certain changes in ingredients. It is also known as food for patients as it is plain and in some cases, tasteless. It is common for the parents to feed their children with Jaulo until they reach the age of one year or more. Most of the doctors prescribe it as the main meal for their patients admitted in the hospital, usually the ones who had been operated.


The process of making Jaulo is simple as well. For the people who are suffering from stomach and digestion problems, soupy Jaulo is prepared while for most of the others, relatively thick Jaulo is prepared. For making it, first of all you need to pre soak both rice and black or green (more preferable for patients) lentils separately. The quantity of the lentils should be more than that of the rice. Drain the water and wash the rice and lentils properly. Then, heat a pressure cooker and add oil or Ghee to it. Splatter fenugreek seeds and add rice and lentil when the seed starts to crackle. Add turmeric and fry it for about a minute. Then add salt and water as required and press it. After about two whistles, turn off the heat but do not let the pressure go manually. When the pressure passes, Jaulo is ready to be served with aaluko chokha or aalu pitika. You can also add  vegetables of your choices like pumpkin, grated carrots, shelled fresh green peas, thinly sliced and chopped asparagus etc. to enhance the taste of Jaulo and it is more advisable while making Jaulo for the kids as it gives both, nutrition as well as taste to the otherwise plain Jaulo. It is usually served with aalu ko chokha or other pickles.