Jindabaad, making music of their own

Jindabaad, formed in 2009 to take part in the Global Battle of the Bands consists of Abhisek Bhadra on keyboards, Kiran Shahi on drums, Rohit Shakya on vocals/guitar, Rajan Shrestha on bass and Sunny Tuladhar on guitar. Creating their ‘post-alternative art rock metal’ music, as they like to call it, the Kathmandu based ART-Rock group has been successful to lure many fans with their unique sound in the album Plastic Heart.

The sound/music of the band is influenced by their discovery of what they can’t do and won’t be allowed to do. The band is cohesive towards the independent scene in Nepal rather than going with the practice of using music. This group of five gifted young men has a knowledgeable history in music and has also experimented and played in different kinds of bands. These self taught musicians had learned music from others in their initial phase but where they stand today is the result of their hard work and practice.


The vocalist and guitarist of the band, Rohit has been playing for 10 years and besides being involved with Jindabaad, he also produces and creates other artists along with his solo projects. One who has been playing for ten to twelve years, the bassist Rajan is also a self taught visual artist and the comedian of the band, very well known in the underground music scenario of Nepal. A versatile and talented drummer, Kiran has been playing for over five years. The quiet keyboardist/band electronic, Abishek has been playing for five years and besides the band, he also plays in a jazz band. The lead guitarist Sunny is a well known and reputed guitarist in Nepal who has been playing for 10 years and has also been working from home building guitars and creating his own line. Jindabaad, although it might seem to be something related to politics to others (as Jindabaad means ‘all hail’), for the band it represents strength.

With so many fans already loving their music, this alternative rock band released their first album at a creatively organized gig at the Moksh auditorium. The album is available at the music stores around Kathmandu and can also be ordered through iTunes. It would also appeal to the international audiences as all the lyrics are in English and also the themes of the songs are universal. The band that won the second place at the Global Battle of the Bands in 2009, Jindabaad has could be heard constantly at various musical in and around town. The band writes and creates music by themselves making the music of their own.