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Founded by Maniharsha Jyoti Kansakar, Jyoti Group is one of the leading business houses in Nepal. The Group keeping alive the founder’s vision of providing quality products and services to the Nepalese people offers travel related services and Kolkata-to-Nepal logistic solution services, among others. Jyoti Group and its companies have, in short period of time, made a deep mark in their respective fields. Although the major field of business for the Group is travel, it is also involved in other sectors.

Some of the companies that come under the sole as well as joint venture of the Jyoti Group are Syakar Company Limited, Himal Iron and Steel Private Limited, Himal Wires Private Limited, Himal Oxygen Private Limited, Bhajuratna Engineering and Sales, Bajuratna Pharma Private Limited, Syamukapu, Suruchi Travels and Tours, Himal Agencies, Jyoti Yarn Processing Private Limited, Jay Spinning Private Limited, Butwal Power Company, Sagarmatha Insurance and Grande Hospital.

jyoti group familyAlthough involved in travel and tour business, Jyoti Group has its early roots in trading. The Group began its operation with the trading activities of Bhajuratna Kansakar (Maniharsha Jyoti’s father) during the early part of the twentieth century. During that time, Nepal was a trading hub for the Tibet and the trade items such as cloth, soap and toothpaste to bear bile, otter skin and herbs were carried through porters, horseback, mule and leather boats. Foreseeing the benefits in the business, Manisharsha Jyoti founded the trading company Syamukapu in 1920s. After this, Jyoti Group established its foothold in the trading business developing itself into a trading powerhouse. Established to take the advantage of the trading opportunities in the Tibet Region, Syamukapu, in Tibetan, means ‘white cap’ in reference to the white cap worn by Bhajuratna Kansakar.

In 1964, Bhajuratna Engineering and Sales Limited was established with the vision of improving the lives of the Nepalese people by providing quality products and services to the people living in the hills and plains of Nepal. It was established during the time when very few companies were willing to establish their venture out of the Kathmandu valley.

In the year 1976, Syakar Company Limited was established which serves as the authorized distributor and retailer of Honda, Hero Honda and Philips in Nepal. Syakar Company began its operation with the distribution of Honda motorcycles, which the Group has been importing since 1967. The company, since 1986, started the distribution of Hero Honda motorcycles and from 1990s, it started its Philips Audio-Video products business. It has also become the authorized distributor of Philips domestic appliance, personal care and Philips Avent (baby products) since 2011.

Although Bhajuratna Pharma Private Limited started as the Pharma Division of Bhajuratna Engineering and Sales Limited, it was established in 1991 in order to streamline the operation and make it efficient. It began as a distributor of Sarabhai Chemicals, Baroda in 1986 and currently has its warehouse in Birgunj. It is also the authorized distributor and super stockiest of pharmaceuticals products of Merck Limited, Karnataka Antibiotics and Pharmaceuticals (KAPL), Wockhardt Limited, Zydus A.H.D., Vetoquinol and Abbott.

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Maniharsha Jyoti, in order to lead Nepal into self sufficiency and to accelerate Nepal’s infrastructure growth, established the first Nepalese iron and steel factory Himal Iron and Steel in the year 1961, in the jungles of Parwanipur, Parsa, which today, stands not as a jungle but an industrial hub led by the Jyoti Group. Later, the Himal Iron and Steel Private Limited was joined by cement factory, Himal Wires Private Limited, Himal Oxygen Private Limited, Jay Spinning Mills Private Limited, Jyoti Yarn Processing Private Limited and the Jyoti Farm.

Himal Iron and Steel that began with the construction of plain bars have subsequently led the nation into self sufficiency in the reinforced steel industry. The first Nepalese gas plant, Himal Oxyen Private Limited was established in 1972 which began with the production of medical and industrial high purity Oxygen and Nitrogen in gas and liquid forms. The factory, at present, has upgraded to producing 99.99% pure Oxygen and providing door to door delivery and after sales service. Established in 1982, Himal Wires Private Limited was setup to complement Himal Steel products. Capable of manufacturing a wide range of wire products such as galvanized wires, barbed wires, binding wires, deformed wires and annealed wires, the factory has been helping in the development and growth of the country’s infrastructure.

Himal Agencies of the Group was established in order to provide Kolkata-to-Nepal logistic solutions and offers freight clearing, forwarding and transportation (ocean and inland) services from the lifeline of Nepal’s imports and exports, Kolkata port to different destinations in Nepal. Along with these, it also offers export and import customs clearance services in Kolkata and Birgunj. Established in 1990, Suruchi Travels and Tours Private Limited paved the way for Jyoti Group to enter into the booming tourism business of Nepal. The company offers ticketing services, hotel reservations and domestic as well as international tour packages to the people here in Nepal. It is also the authorized ticket stock agent of Thai Airways, Qatar Airways, Gulf Air, Nepal Airlines, Ethad Airlines, JetLite, Jet Airways and Air Asia. It not only provides ticketing for all domestic airlines in Nepal, along with the international, but also serves as an official agent of Western Union providing prompt and easy money transfer services.

Established in 2012, Jay Spinning Private Limited at the site of Jyoti Spinning Mills Limited which was established in 1989. One of the country’s largest textile yarn spinning Mills, it specializes in manufacture of cotton, polyester, viscose, polyester/cotton, polyester/viscose and blend yarns in various counts for domestic as well as export demand. In the year 1994, Jyoti Yarn Processing was established in Parwanipur, Parsa which was setup to complement the products of the spinning mills. It was set up for dyeing cotton yarn, polyester/cotton yarn and polyester/viscose yarn.

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Butwal Power Company Limited is one of the leading companies in Nepal’s power sector incorporated as a private company in 1966 and later converted to public limited company in the year 1993. Established in 1996, Sagarmatha Insurance Company Limited has been promoted by the prominent entrepreneurs and leading industrial Group such as Salt Trading Corporation, Golchha Organization, Jyoti Group, MC Group, National Finance Company Limited, Nepal Construction and Engineering Corporation among others. Grande International Hospital (GIH) which started its operation since April 2012 at Dhapasi, Kathmandu, was initiated to meet the demand of advanced medical treatment from general to super specialty levels of the country.

Jyoti Group has not only been successful to change the jungles of Parwanipur, Parsa, into an industrial hub but has also been successful to establish itself as one of the leading business houses of Nepal in trading, travel and tours and infrastructural building business. The company, today, is operated by sons and grandsons of Maniharsha Jyoti.

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