Kantipur English High School

Established with the vision of becoming a premier institution for Academic Excellence in the whole of Nepal, Kantipur English High School aims to expand and diversify its services to meet the growing demand of the society by availing Higher Secondary education through Cambridge University-affiliation for “O’ and ‘A’ level studies. An English medium school, Kantipur English High School has been able to gain academic excellence in its years of operation.

The school was established in the year 1983 with the mission of building up children for the challenges ahead with programs that are relevant and progressive. Established by Subadra Shrestha with the help of her husband, the idea of opening a school had come to her during 1970s, while she was still a student in Bangalore, India.

kantipur school

The school aims to be the center of academic excellence in Nepal and provide quality education to the students of various caliber of the marginalized population (lower and middle class groups).  The name Kantipur was given to the school by Shrestha after the historic name of the Kathmandu Valley. Abiding by the motto “Love, Learn and Serve”, the school believes in the value of learning and character formation for God and country.

The school started its operation in a rented building and a rented play ground with few students enrolled in kindergarten. Over the time, the school added higher grades gradually increasing the population of the students as the number of classes grew. The school also received the status of ‘High School’ in the year 1992 from the Ministry of Education. Same year saw the first batch of students giving SLC exams from the school. The numbers of students have subsequently increased making the school one of the popular English medium schools in the Kathmandu valley.

The school believes in conducting activity oriented classroom teaching where the students get the chance of participating in the activities and develop a better understanding of the subject matter. The students are also encouraged to make presentations on various topics so that they would acquire the ability to convey their ideas and knowledge effectively. To keep the students interested and active, the school also gives them project works on various topics for which they need to study different events, communities and places and meet the concerned experts. This helps the students in becoming interactive and curious. Also, several workshops are conducted for the students in order to develop their skills and understanding. The workshops include topics such as logic building, self management, time and money management, academic and social relations. Besides these, the school also offers various extracurricular activities to contribute in the overall development of the students.

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