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Nepal is an agricultural country as most of its land is fertile and suitable for agricultural purpose. It wasn’t long ago that almost 90 percent of the country’s economy was dependent upon agricultural production. Although the ratio has decreased at present, agriculture still is one of the major contributors in the economy of the country. The wide agro ecological variance of the country makes it suitable for high quality seed production of all kinds of vegetables and understanding this importance as well as the shortage of fresh vegetables in many parts of the country, Karma Group started its agro-business venture with the aim of harnessing the agro-ecological potentiality of the country and producing and importing high quality seeds and assisting in national development through the development of agricultural sector.

karma group

Established in 2001 with the objectives of contributing to the quality development of Nepalese agriculture, covering the demands of farmer that government cannot fulfill in this sector, providing quality seeds to the entire agriculture sector of Nepal, importing new agro tools and techniques to Nepal and providing agro-goods and tools at a reasonable price to the farmers, Karma Group is a highly advanced flower seeds, vegetables, agro-chemicals and organic fertilizer, agro-business company. One of the leading agro-business house of Nepal, it is situated in Swayambhu, at the base of Swayambhunath Stupa.

The group that initiated seed production and marketing activities through its own efforts, here in Nepal, has become successful to create a reputation of being a high quality seeds and organic fertilizer provider in the country as well as in the market abroad. The company covers all the aspects of agro-business that include breeding, producing, processing and sales of vegetables and flower seeds along with the marketing agro-chemicals and organic fertilizers. Moreover, it imports foreign high quality seeds, in order to meet the trend of the market, which promoters the production, processing and exports of vegetables in the country.

For past few years now, it has also been importing high quality seeds and has been gaining good reputation for providing perfect service of international level and making big contribution to the domestic and international seed enterprises. Karma Group thrives to cover the gap between government and agricultural sector and improve the production and income of all those engaged in the seed industry by expanding the sales of high quality national and international seeds.

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