Kasaar in Nepali wedding

Kasaar is one of the special items made especially during the wedding ceremonies in Nepal. This traditional food item is one of the most integral items of marriage in most of the Nepali cultures. Its importance can be judged from the fact that a separate day is dedicated for making kasar during the wedding preparations. Also, a kind of puja is performed on this day and this day is usually known as Kasaar Batarne Din for which the Hindu religious calendar (patro) is referred to.

Kasaar is, thus, a popular food item which has been eaten by all the Nepalese at least once in a lifetime and there rare are the people who have not heard about it. Although the Kasaar (laddu) is too hard, it still is most people’s favorite food item. Here is the way of making Kasaar:

kasar ko laddu


200 gm rice grain

200 gm brown sugar (Gud, sakhhar, bheli)

2 tbsp ghee or clarified butter


First of all, heat the rice in a pan adding some ghee to make it khatte (fried puffed rice). Then, grind the rice using a grinder and make it mean powder but do not add any water. After grinding the rice, heat a pan and melt some brown sugar in it. When the sugar is heated, add the rice flour to it and take the pan off the heat. Start making balls from the mixture when the mixture is lukewarm. This balls needs to be made very tight and the process of making the balls of kasaar is called Kasaar Batarne in Nepali. When you are done with the balls, your kasaar is ready to be served.

So the next time you go to a Nepali wedding, you don’t need to be curious about those hard light brown balls lying in front of you. Also, you can go in advance and help them to make the balls yourself.