Kathmandu Academy

The oldest private institution imparting ‘A’ Level education in Nepal since 1988, Kathmandu Academy is located within the premises of Mahendra Bhawan HSB School in Sano Gaucharan in Kathmandu. This coeducational institution was established with the mission to contribute to society through the pursuit of education and learning at the highest international levels of excellence. Serving as the flagship for the higher education in the country, the academy through its integration of teaching and service provides an outstanding educational experience for each and every student.

The teaching method is based on student-centered approach as most of the subjects have as average of six to ten students. The experienced and professional faculty members make the class interactive encouraging the students to learn and be confident.

kathmandu academy

The college founded with the vision to be internationally recognized as a premier institution that educates leaders and provide outstanding educational programs having a global perspective with a foundation based on knowledge, compassion and understanding offers ‘A’ Levels education to the students. The college is committed to offer a broad range of academic opportunities and experiences to the students of widely varied ages, backgrounds, interests and needs. It attempts to provide a contemporary collections of subjects which will enable the students to develop as an intelligent, caring individual who will be able to function as a contributing, productive member of society.

It recognizes the importance of relationship between the disciplines which enhance one’s ability to think critically, reason analytically, communicate effectively, maintain historical perspective and promote god citizenship and the disciplines which provide specialized knowledge and the critical intellectual skills to perform effectively in a wide variety of settings. The academy strives to prepare students to meet the challenges of higher academic achievements at universities and in careers throughout the world and to cater diverse subjects and programs in Nepal. It aims to provide assistance and access to a variety of social and cultural activities for the students.

For further information, contact:

Kathmandu Academy

P.O. Box: 7240

Mahendra Bhawan Marg

Sano Gaucharan, Kathmandu

Tel: +977-1-4410235

Email: info@ktm.edu.np