Kathmandu Cricket Training Center

Located in Sachal, Sanepa in Lalitpur district, Kathmandu Cricket Training Center (KCTC) is a modern and the best training center for the cricket enthusiast in Nepal. The center has complete grass outfield that gives the feel of being in an actual cricket ground. National coach Manjur Alam Khan trains the trainees to better their skills in the game. Also, the vice captain of national cricket team, Gyanendra Malla is involved in providing guidance to improve the techniques of batting, bowling and fielding. The training center also provides psychology class with an emphasis on the enjoyment of cricket. KCTC aims to provide an environment that will support physical and intellectual growth of the players where they could discover the real world of the cricket. With its modern facilities and specialties, KCTC has become a destination for all the cricketers.

KCTC not only helps in finding and nurturing the hidden talents, develop skills and physical strengths of the player or teaching basic techniques of batting, bowling and fielding, it also helps and encourages the young aspiring cricketers to be a better player in future. It aims to create and develop better environment for cricket in Nepal and produce the cricket stars of tomorrow. It not only teaches to play the game but also enjoy it to fullest.

KCTC provides many facilities to its trainees. There are natural grass outfields, three batting lanes, special programs for the beginners, video analysis for the players on demand, bowling machine and most amazing of all is the national coach and professional player for the trainers. It also helps in the development of the skills and techniques of the players keeping alive the fun and enjoyment of the game.

The fee for a regular trainee is Rs. 1000 per month while for the trainee who take classes during the weekend or holiday is Rs. 500 a month. The admission charge is Rs. 2000. It also provides bat, pads, gloves, helmets, balls, t-shirts, trousers, shoes, etc, of different brands from the manufacturing company of India in affordable prices.