Kathmandu Fun Park

Kathmandu Ramailo Mela (Kathmandu Fun Park) is the only amusement park in Kathmandu until 2012. Situated at the Exhibition Road, Bhrikuti Mandap in Kathmandu, this is one of the best places to hang out for kids as well as others. Locally known as the Bhrikuti Mandap Mela or just as Fun Park, it caters fun to all. One thing is for sure, everyone who enters the premises enjoy to the fullest and no one returns disappointed.

The tickets are affordable with fifty percent discounts to the student and children. For those above 14, school identity card must be shown to get the discounts. The children of five years or below and the senior citizens above seventy get free entrance. After entering the gate, on the left hand side is a huge image of Mickey Mouse and beside it is a children club, namely Kathmandu Children Club where students could get study materials and story books. A little further are the game stalls that offer different games like shoot the balloon, hunt the animals, ball games, dart game, etc. and the one who successfully hits the mark receives a price. Nearby, is a laugh-house where many mirrors showing different shapes are kept. Opposite to it is a ghost-house where you get to experience of getting inside a haunted house. However, this house terribly fails to terrorize and scare the visitors. Nevertheless, there are many other exciting games and activities to energize you and let you have a world class fun.

Although the entrance for the students and children could be discounted and free, they, however, need to pay separately for each game they play. The ticket counters are installed in front of the game zones.

Swinging on the Columbus has always been thrilling and exciting experience even for them who have boarded it for hundredth time. The ferries-wheel is so big that you get chills only by a look at it. Also, the dragon coaster adds up to the fun and the cars fight are no less exciting. You could also row your boat by yourself or even skate on the platform there and not to forget a ride on a horse’s back. Yes! A real one.  All these fun, be sure not to miss it when you come to Kathmandu.

And that’s not the end. There are many games for the children as well. Boat, mini-train, child-train (takes you around the park), boats, free-jump, skates, swings, basketball, horse ring, etc. are some of the games designed for the kids. Also, a children park, inside the fun park is created with swings and skates, skates designed in a way that looks like some sort of army training. Children are allowed to play whatever they desire inside the children park for thirty minutes after paying the charge of Rs. 70. Also a huge tub for water boat riding is installed near the main entrance of the Fun Park. That lets the children drive their own boat for Rs 50/5 minutes.

Moreover, the friendly cartoon characters walking along the park has become major attractions for children for taking photographs with them.

A new addition to the Fun Park is the Paint Battle Zone, where you could have the experience of fighting the real battle. What could be more fun that fighting the battle like your life depends on it and even if you get shot, you will not be dead and you could always come back later.

Also, the cafes and restaurants inside the Fun Park cater different variety of snacks and beverages. The stalls are installed that serves pani puris, chuski, and cotton candy. The bathroom inside the park is clean and well managed, however, during the time when the crowd is relatively more, one might have to wait on a line for a long time.

The time spend inside the Kathmandu Fun Park is unforgettable and one cannot keep the track of time once they enter the park and start trying games. Whether you play the various games or enjoy watching others play, or sit idly on a bench or take a trip around the park on a horse back or the child train, the possibilities are endless and you are surely going to have the best time of your life. Visiting the Kathmandu Fun Park is a decision you will not regret. So, go on and grab a ticket for yourself. Have a fun filled day.