Khandruk Cave

Located in the western part of Panchami Bazaar of Siddhithumka VDC ward no 4 is the Khandruk Cave. Situated among the rare natural caves found in the Tamang village, this cave looks like a real miracle of mere stones. The small looking cave contains big dens and subways inside it although it looks like a normal back of a person when you look at it from a distance.

The cave is house to various wonderful and astonishing structures of stones and there are five subways inside the cave that exceeds more than 50 meter in length. The entrance to the passageways named as Bhuitala (ground floor), Bichtala (middle floor) and Sirhantala (top floor) are three of the must-view places here. The reason behind keeping the name of the entrance like that, however, is a mystery. Although the entrance seems narrow, the subways are wide enough to walk freely and it is believed that only a truly religious person can pass through the narrow entrance. Hence, the cave is honored as a deity who is considered as a protector of religion.

khandrung cave

The cave is filled with the models of different animals like Naga (snake), bird, elephant, tiger and also contains a hoof mark of cow along with the traditional Nepali machines and instruments like Dhiki, Janto, Dhupauro, Gajo and Dhangro. Besides these, the other features of the cave to look at are the stones stacked in layers and also the scenery around. The cave, also known as Devidhad (back of goddess), is spread in about five ropani area. The villagers sacrifice he-goats and chicken in front of the cave following the long practiced tradition. It is believed that doing so will please goddess Kalika and there will be peace in the village.

Siddhithumka peak and Ajambare hill are two of the other attractions of the area. Khandruk cave is not only a natural miracle but also has high religious and cultural significance due to the presence of the various cultural items inside it and also the cave considered as an abode of god.