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Children are the future of tomorrow, hence, what they learn today will effect what they become tomorrow. Also an important factor is “how they learn?” Learning, simply, is not enough and also the process of learning matters. Although usually, the process of learning begins before a child reach 5 years of age and it is important for the elders to teach them learn things in proper ways.

Rather than focusing on parrot – learning, which is pretty common in most parts of Nepal, learning by understanding is important. There are no such formulas and or definitions that a child needs to memorize at the young age, hence, focus should be given towards “learning by understanding” philosophy. For this purpose, there are various education tools, games and kits designed especially to assist children to learn new things and enter into the logical world.

kids-room furniture

Kids Home is a company that manufactures such educational and children friendly materials in Nepal as well as imports such products from India and China. It was established with the aim of producing and selling the children friendly materials, like indoor and outdoor game materials, educational materials, as well as furniture.

It has also been providing furniture, decorative products, entertainment materials and educational materials for children, logical and educational games for children, furniture for children as well as commercial organizations.

Its services include production and sales of attractive children friendly furniture made of wood, steel or plastics, indoor and outdoor game materials, psychological educational products, school wall painting, decoration of the classrooms in child care and Montessori schools and operation of schools art class, production and sales of school dress, coat and sweaters, medals, trophies, token of love, photo framing, office furniture, statues made of wood, cement and mud, educational materials for child psychological growth, etc.

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