King Amshuverma, initiator of trade and industry in Nepal

Amshuverma was the Licchhavi King of Thakuri dynasty who ruled Nepal during the sixth century AD. This learned, bold and far-sighted king was a lover of art, architecture and literature. He was a brave king who extended the territory of his kingdom by fighting and winning many battles.

It was during his period that Nepal and Tibet developed close relationship and he is the one who established the trade routes between this two nations. He also married one of his daughters Bhrikuti to the Tibetan king Tsrongtsong Gompo which further strengthen the relations between these two nations. Moreover, he married his sister Bhoga Devi to an Indian king Sur Sen which also helped him strengthen the ties with India. He was described as the man of many talents by the Chinese Buddhist monk Xuanzang. Amshuverma was an advocator of caste system which is proved by the inscription dated back to 607 at Tistung. A grand palace built by him, the Kailashkut Bhawan is a great achievement in the field of architecture and engineering. The remains of this building are found near Hadigaun in Kathmandu. His foreign policy was successful to maintain the independence and sovereignty of the country and also his Sanskrit grammar, titled Shabda Vidya made him popular outside the nation. His rule became a blessing to the Licchhavi period which also made it the golden age in the history of Nepal.

This just, impartial and an able administrator was blessed with all qualities and virtues required to be a king. He had no political biasness and was a true leader who believed in serving the people. He was regarded by King Shiva Deva as the man of universal frame who always destroyed his enemies by his heroic nature. Amshuverma is highly regarded by many great scholars and learned men. He gave equal importance to industrial as well as agricultural advancement. He provided irrigation canals, levied water tax, land tax, defense tax and a luxury tax using the income from these sources for the development works of the country. He always put forward the rights and the interest of his people than his own.

King Amshuverma is a national hero who developed Nepal in many ways and has great contribution in the field of trade and economy of Nepal. Because of his works and contributions, King Amshuverma is considered as a great king and the Licchhavi dynasty is known as ‘the Golden Period’.