Kumari Cinemas

Kumari Cinemas, situated at Kamalpokhari, near City Center is associated with Quest Entertainment, the company that owns QFX Central and Jai Nepal Cinemas. Kumari Hall, like QFX Central and Jai Nepal, uses the QFX technology with high definition surround sound and clear picture quality. It has two screens (halls), hall 1 and hall 2 both of which are facilitated with comfortable folding seats and wide screens.

Kumari Hall only screens digital movies rather than celluloid so most of the movies it screens are either Hindi or English with only the latest digital technology Nepali movies being screened at times. Although the hall looks small, it is large enough for the wide screen and to accommodate about two hundred audiences at a time. It has often become one of the first choices for the audience if they want to watch a movie in a decent environment (without the cheering and whistles). It is more like a family hall where people do not feel uncomfortable about coming with their families to spend some quality time catching the latest flick.

kumari cinemas

The hall also provides free WiFi service to its clients and the viewers could enjoy the service while they wait for the movie to start which, however, often starts pretty late than the given time. It also has a wide parking lot inside its boundary, ensuring the safety of your vehicle while you relax and enjoy the movie. The food counter there also provides clean and hygienic tit-bits to munch on while you watch the movie of your choice.

The tickets can be booked online through the website of QFX Cinemas or you can also call to book your tickets. The Cinema offers fifty percent discounts on its morning shows and twenty five percent discounts on matinee shows. However, on the weekends, the fares changes and might be a little expensive than those on weekdays. One could also join the QFX Club and enjoy its facilities and offers like online ticket booking and one ticket free on purchase of every ten tickets (you don’t have to buy them at once). However, if you have booked your tickets online or via phone, you need to get there forty five minutes prior to the show, else, your tickets will be automatically cancelled. You might get it, still, if it is still available.