Kurti/gahat daal

Kurti, also known as gahat is one of the many varieties of daal (lentil) found in Nepal. Mostly found in the Terai region, it is commonly called kurti in some part of Nepal while it is known as gahat in other places. Especially during the winter season, people in Nepal prefer eating this daal as it is said to keep the chills at bay. It also has important health benefit as it is said that this lentil could dissolve the stone problem in abdomen, known as pathari rog.

gahat daal

However, this lentil is avoided during summer or hot and warm days as it is said the lentil might have adverse effects if consumed during summers. Hence, with the arrival of winter in Nepal, the popularity of the lentil also increases and it is prepared in almost every Nepali household at least once, during the winters.

The process of making this daal is a little different than the process of making other lentils. For preparing this lentil, first of all, you need to dry fry it and when it starts to crackle, remove it from the heat. Now, keep it soaked in cold water for few minutes and then, put it in the pressure cooker along with water, salt, turmeric and ghee closing the lid. After four to five whistles, remove the lid and check for the quantity of water in it. Add water if more soup is required or simply let it simmer in order to reduce the excessive water. After that, heat a pan and add ghee to it. When the ghee melts and is heated, add cumin seeds, ginger and garlic or jimmu to it and pour the mixture over the daal.