Kutumba, folk instrumental band

Kutumba is an established folk instrumental band committed to the research, conservation and celebration of the diverse indigenous Nepali music. This group of six professionals wishes to spread love and joy of Nepali folk music throughout the world.

The word ‘Kutumba’ stands for a unique bond amongst community members and as their name, Kutumba is bringing together traditional folk tunes and instruments with new and spontaneous sounds and ideas. This group is self motivated and self driven and every member has different roots and backgrounds in music. It is a harmony of culture, tradition and new sounds.

Its music is soothing and peaceful as it is the fusion of diverse forms of instruments, the rhythm and melody are captivating. The band has succeeded to popularize the indigenous Nepali music among the Nepali youth and folk enthusiasts by merging indigenous instruments and musical styles of diverse ethnic groups.

Most of the members of the band belong to the Newar community, however, the band not only promotes Newari music but also folk tunes from various parts of Nepal. They have successfully preserved various traditional instruments and their own unique genre of music appeals to the people across generations. Unlike other bands, Kutumba is more close to the Nepali culture and traditions when it comes to creating music. They are inspired by the traditional Nepali folk music rather than western. Their music is rich in cultural sense of belonging and is peaceful and soothing. The absence of human voice makes it even more soothing as the musical flows continues without stopping. The fusion of various traditional instruments, although experimental, creates melodious and rhythmic sounds.

The band members consists of Arun Manandhar on Tungna and Arbajo, Kiran Nepali on Sarangi, Pavit Maharjan on percussion, Raju Maharjan on percussion, Rubin K Shrestha on flute and Siddhartha Maharjan on effects.

Some of their tunes are Mimire Bhaka, Banjo Khet Ma, Kauda, Lekali, Kalilo Tamalai, Sangini, Holi song, Resham Phiriri, Tamang Selo and Sal Ko Paat. They have released around three instrumental albums. They are: Forever Nepali Folk Instrumental (2004), Naulo Bihani (2006), Mithila (2009), and Utsarga (2010). Beside these, they have released many records in the year 2004 and 2005. Their collections could be bought at cdndvdshop.com and East Meets West Music Box, Thamel.

They have played in various functions and events within and outside the country. They truly are magicians when it comes to fusing the various indigenous instrument and creating a soothing and spell bounding music.