La Dolce Vita for Italian cuisine

Located in Thamel, away from the hustle and bustle of this tourist destination, La Dolce Vita is situated in an old building with yellow walls and red chili peppers painted on it. The restaurant serving Italian cuisine is spread across three floors, each of which is done in its own distinct way.

Although the terrace has a pleasant ambience with the greenery around, the service staffs here are usually non-existent so you need to order everything you want to have. Among the various starters offered here, bruschetta with chopped tomatoes, olives and basil on four huge slices of bread is a good choice. Those who are used to the canapé type bruschetta would be surprised by the ones that are available here. However, if you want something different, go for Insalata Caprese (slices of tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella). The plum tomatoes or even the regular ones with that aren’t overripe with the fresh basil garnish and generous dash of olive oil and dried oregano makes the cuisine perfect in terms of flavor as well as smell. The rolls of mashed potatoes and cheese served with ketchup are also good to go, however, those who do not prefer it salty can request so to the service staff.

la dolce vita

The main course might be a pizza or something else, depending upon your order. One dish that should not be missed here is the ravioli in tomato sauce. The cuisine is cooked right and is served in a huge portion abounded by the tomato sauce with the flavors and aroma of garlic, tomatoes and many fresh and dried herbs. The potato gnocchi in mozzarella and tomato sauce is fun to try out with the very strong flavor and assortment of aroma accompanying each spoonful of it. The non vegetarian should opt for spaghetti with grilled chicken breast in which the chicken is topped with fried onions and garlic and is served with a cooked sauce separately. For the dessert, the chocolate mousse with two layer or tiramisu, if you are inclined to liquor.

La Dolce Vita serves the cuisines in their original form striving to please those who want the original stuff. With the friendly staffs well groomed on the menu, this restaurant in Thamel is a good place to visit if you want to try out some Italian cuisines in Nepal.