Lahure, struggles of an army man

One of the classic Nepali movies, Lahure is the story of life of an army man. The name Lahure itself means ‘army-man’. The movie directed by Tulsi Ghimire used the music composed by Ranjit Gazmer. Cinematographed by Binod Pradhan, the movie featured Shrawan Ghimire, Tripti Nadekar and Tulsi Ghimire on lead roles. The movie is based on the story of the brave Gorkha soldiers and the sacrifices they make for the nation. Not only their but the movie also touches the struggles and sacrifices made by the families of the Lahures for the sake of the country.


The movie is successful to maintain a balance between action, emotion and romance in explaining the hard life of an army personnel and his family. It is a heart touching movie that explains about the sorrows and troubles an army man goes through, the extent of sacrifice he makes to perform his duty and responsibility towards his country. Also, the hardships and emotional suffering the family of an army man must go through is explained wonderfully in the movie. The film was successful to win the hearts of many Nepalese not only in Nepal but also those who lived in other parts of India. It was a major hit in Nepal along with Darjeeling and other parts of India that had Nepali-speaking population. Also the songs of the movie were very popular and still, the song ‘Biratako chino’ moves people’s heart and develops the feeling of patriotism whenever they listen to it.

One of the wonderful classic movies, Lahure is suggested to those who want to catch up a Nepali movie during their leisure. The movie is available on DVDs or could also be found online.