Lalitpur Finance Limited (LAFIN)

The first finance company of Lalitpur District owned by private sector, Lalitpur Finance Limited (LAFIN) was established under the Finance Company Act 2042 BS and Company Act 2053 BS. The company that has maintained a strong hold in the financial sector of the country was listed in Nepal Stock Exchange on September 18, 1998. A diversified financial services company, LAFIN considers speed, creativity and responsiveness as the keys to their success.

The company states its vision as “anchored by values, driven by competent employees, LAFIN aims to be a corporate entity renowned for its financial services, supported by quality management and staying ahead in the competition by innovating new products and services based on the dynamic needs of customers and market demands”.


The finance company that values Trust, Leadership, Creativity and Optimism considers speed as one of the determinants of its success. The company believes in offering full range of financial services and products and boasts of not only providing speedy financial services but also of considering the import of ‘comfort factor’ to clinch deals. In today’s fast growing competitive business environment, it believes, only those can succeed who are able to make the most of a lucrative opportunity and that too, with speed. It helps people in diverse businesses and family offering them innovative financial products and solutions as well as helping them materialize their dreams.

In its few years of existence, LAFIN has successfully provided financing solutions to small and mid-sized companies in both traditional commercial finance markets and in specialized niche markets such as housing and retail financing. The company has various objectives with respect to the people or the element it deals with and values each of them. It identifies and attracts high-quality employees to sustain its growth, promotes leadership as a part of its plan to achieve its corporate objectives and defines culture characterized by an environment where employees feel they make a difference toward achieving the objectives and are motivated to do so. It believes in professionalism and better performance of its employees as well as the company itself, increase in shareholder value as an important part of its growth plan and is committed to design its products to meet the consumer’s needs.

The products and services offered by Lalitpur Finance Limited includes Term Deposit, Saving Deposit, Super Saving Deposit, Bal Bachat Deposit and Mahila Khutruke Deposit under its deposit scheme and Housing Finance and Real Estate Loan, Asset Based Finance, Personal Finance and Term Finance, Term Loan and Industrial Loan, Consumer Loan, Deprive Sector Loan and Loan Against Share under its loan schemes. It has collaborated with Western Union Money Transfer, Remitron Service, Xpress Money Service, Instant Cash Service, Money Gram and Nepal Remit for providing the remittance service to its customers. Market Maker for Government Securities, Loan Against Government Securities, Merchat Banking Activities, etc. are some of the other services provided by Lalitpur Finance Limited.

For further information, contact:

Lalitpur Finance Limited (LAFIN)
Lagankhel, Lalitpur, Nepal
GPO Box: 8975, EPC 585, Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel: +977-1-5536597/5523850/5525115
Fax: +977-1-5531916