Laxmi Steels Private Limited

With the vision of total purity for total quality and strength, Laxmi Steels Private Limited, one of the popular steel manufacturers in Nepal, vows to never use scrap steel in its products so that the quality of the products could be maintained. The company with the mission of providing its valued customers with guaranteed best quality steel, maintaining excellent service, easy availability, regularity in supply and quality consistency, Laxmi Steels imports Pure Prime Billets from the SAIL and TATA companies of India to manufacture its Laxmi Steels Thermex TMT Bars which guarantees to be the number one quality steel in Nepal unlike the steel made from scrap billets.

The vision of the company is to fulfill the demand of high quality steel made from pure prime billets and aid in the overall infrastructural development of the country. The products manufactured at Laxmi Steels are made from pure prime billets which make it stronger than ordinary scrap steel and also the martensite in the upper layer and ferrite in the inner layer makes the product strong and durable. Because of the quality of the billets used, the rods are flexible and more resistant to damage in bending or twisting. It is also extremely durable than any other steel which also helps the constructions to last long and the improved ribs design gives it strong hold over concrete and also the low carbon in the steel makes the task of welding easy and strong. The steel products that are deterioration resistant also come in uniform size and weight and are earthquake tolerant as well as fire resistance.

laxmi steel

Manufactured by TMT technology, Laxmi Steels uses German Thermex technology which is considered to be the best in the world. The process of creating the steel involves on-line Thermo Mechanical Treatment in the three stages that are Quenching, Self tempering and Atmospheric cooling. The hot steel rod, after the final rolling process, is passed through a water cooling chamber which causes the formation of high strength tampered martensite structure on the surface and an austenitic structure at the core.

After realizing the absence of high quality steel that could be used in construction with the Ultra Premium OPC cement, Saurabh Group established Laxmi Steels Private Limited for manufacturing Laxmi TMT Thermex bar at Laxmi Road, Khaireni, Sunwal VDC- 7 in Nawalparasi district. The factory is equipped with the most advance machineries, technological facilities and quality control units. For further details, contact:

Laxmi Steels Private Limited
Corporate Office, 3rd Floor, Neupane Tower
Tinkune, Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel: +977-1-4111567/71/611