Lok Gayika Satyakala Rai

Satyakala Rai is a popular name in the Nepali music industry, especially in the field of Lok (folk) flavored songs. Having keen interest in music since childhood, she had numerous performances under her belt before she finally entered into the industry professionally. She was only after she started learning music from Gurudev Kamat in the year 2057 BS that she realized her career was in music.

She recorded her first song ‘Bhamara lai ta k cha ra’ in the same year and in 2058 BS, she released her debut album ‘Id Cardailey’. The success of the album encouraged her to release her next album ‘Internetaima’ in the year 2060 BS which was followed by ‘Birshijanelai‘ in 2061 BS. Her other album ‘Gunaaso’ was a mix of lok flavor as well as adhunik (modern) music. The only thing that worries her is giving best music to her audiences and listeners and meet up to their expectations. Her folk songs are more popular and loved by the audience than her other songs and because of that, she is known as ‘Lok Gayika’ (folk singer).

The singer who thinks that this is the ‘Golden Era’ for Nepali music, especially for ‘lok dohari’, she expresses dissatisfaction with remixing of the songs. Formerly involved in teaching profession, she has to give all her time to music which is why she could not continue teaching. However, she loves teaching and would consider it even if only as a part time thing. She is an indoor and homey person who likes to spend her time watching television, reading and just relaxing at home on her own.

A sensitive and honest person by nature, she respects and also expects honesty from others and people who cheat or hurt others intentionally definitely repel her. This Lok Gayika has won the hearts of many with her melodious and sweet voice and wishes to do the same in future.