Lokta Papers

The yellowish papers that were previously used more for official uses, Lokta paper or the Nepali Kagaj has become popular in recent years and is being used for various purposes not just one or two.

The use of Lokta Paper has increased tremendously in the recent years and its use is not only limited to the government offices. The souvenir shops all around town display notebooks made of Lokta Paper and not only for making notebooks, these papers are used for making different products, from stationeries to home accessories to gift items such as picture frame, lamp sheds, etc. This eco – friendly paper has substituted various other materials like plastic and glass as it looks good, is hazard free (environment) and is durable for a longer time.


Products like hand-printed cards, wall lamp shades, tea coasters, hanging lamp shades and photo frames made up of these papers are in high demand in the market. The paper can be used for making all kinds of crafts such as jewelry boxes, medicine boxes, pen holders, mobile stands, file holders, files, shopping bags and business card holders. Basudev Shrestha who has been in the business for almost two decades now, has also been involved in making lamps of all kinds using these papers as basic item. The lamps made by Lokta paper have replaced the lamps made with glass, plastic or woods. These colorful papers make the lamp look interesting and these lamps are quite strong, although they look fragile.

Shrestha also makes table and wall clocks which take him about one to two days to complete it depending upon the size and decoration used on the item. The items are completely handmade from cutting the product to gluing it. With the hotels and restaurants flaunting these products among other modern accessories, these products have continued to gain more and more popularity. The use of the paper and the products of the paper have drastically improved to be more than making artificial birds and flowers which has popularized the use of paper, more significantly, the popularity of Lokta paper and its products.