Madan Krishna Shrestha

Madan Krishna Shrestha is one of the most prominent figures of the Nepalese film industry. He is one of the most valued and respected personalities in Nepal. He is an actor, writer and a comedian.

Madan Krishna Shrestha was born in April, 1950. Madan has been married to Yasoda Subedi Shrestha and has two children; a daughter and a son.

About his youth and education, Madan Krishna Shrestha’s graduation is incomplete because of is active involvement in the field of entertainment and art. His main genre of acting is comedy, which has been telecasted in a lot of his films and TV series as well. His theatre acts include Aina, Nata, Maha Dohari and so on whereas his TV programs include Aama, Pani, Fifty-fifty, Kalajar and so on. His fame reached its peak the most due to his performance in Rastriya Gaijatra Mahotsav in 2032 BS. He is also a long time partner with his friend, Hari Bansha Acharya with whom he has acted and performed through decades. They are the partners behind the ever famous Maha Jodi in Nepal.

He has also received many awards for his outstanding performances. Some of the titles of his awards are: Best Script Writer, Best Dialogue, Best Actor (for Abhiyan), Best Story Writer (for Abhiyan) and so on.