Magh – 19 ko Mahabharat by Kishor Shrestha

Written by the journalist Kishor Shrestha, editor of one of the most popular weekly tabloid ‘Janastha’, Magh19 ko Mahabharat is a 64 pages book on the Royal coup of Magh 16 by the then king Gyanendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev. The book discusses the background and the context of the Royal Coup that occurred in the year 2062 BS.

Published by Aastha Prakashan Pvt. Ltd., the book is more like a journal as it presents the events in chronological order. The events that occured in the period of seventy two days from Magh 19 – 2062 BS to Chaitra 31, 2062 BS has been mentioned in the book which is based mostly on the diary that the author used to keep during this time when journalist were not allowed to publish anything, even slightly related to political situation or state of the nation (Nepal).

The book starts with the description of all the top political leaders, foreign diplomat, etc. sitting at Babarmahal and waiting for the Prime Minister to arrive after his visit with the then King Gyanendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev. The king had sent for the Prime Minister to discuss about some important issues is the only thing that the people in that room know. Some had doubts about what the issue was while most of them were unknown to it. The news of the coup spread into the entire room.

The book moves further into the details of the events that took place in the duration of seventy two days. Many politicians were arrested and the freedom of the press was also brought to halt then by Royal. The political context of the country had changed during the time. The book is written in a form of a diary giving the account of the days along with the dates at the bottom and some chapters also include photographs of places, things or reports or certificates related to the subject matters.