Magnificent Sunrise from Nagarkot

Located at some 32km east of Kathmandu, Nagarkot is the most beautiful spots for catching the glimpse of Himalayas in Bhaktapur district. It is famous for its magnificent sunrise view of the Himalaya when the weather is clear. People often travel to Nagarkot from Kathmandu for a night out in order to catch the breathtaking view of sunrise, Mt Everest as well as magnificent view of other snow-capped mountain peaks of Nepal. It also offers the view of Indrawati river valley to the east and because of its height of 2,195m the wonderful view of the Valley could also be enjoyed.

The best time to visit Nagarkot is the spring when the place is rich with colorful flowers. It also offers short-treks and picnic spots that are even popular among the tourists. It offers mini treks to the surrounding areas such as Sankhu, Changu Narayan, Dhulikhel, Sundarijal, Nala, etc. that take you closer to the flower-covered meadows, outer of lush forest and unusual rock formations. It is also the transit point for Helambu and Lang-tang trekking.

The premier hill station on the Kathmandu Valley perimeter, Nagarkot offering thickly vegetated hills, lush green valleys, authentic villages, welcoming hospitality and magnificent views of Himalayan, is the perfect getaway to enjoy fresh air, mountain views and Nepal’s rich culture at fairly reasonable price. The major community residing here are of Tamangs, Brahmins and Newars.