Mahayapi temple, the temple of love in Kathmandu

Located in the Mahayapi hill in village of Mahayapi in Kathmandu, the famous Mahayapi temple is also known as Mahipi temple. This temple is dedicated to Mahayapi Ajima, Ajima meaning mother in Nepal Bhasa or the Newari language. This temple is also known as temple of love. People often perform marriage in this temple with a wish to get the goddess’ blessing and have a happy married life and also get their beloved for next seven lives.


The temple is build according to tantric philosophy and it is considered as the temple of Shakti, based on the Ying principle. Inside the temple, you can find several statues of various deities like Ganesh, Shiva Linga, Radha Krishna, Vishnu Laxmii, etc. Devotees belonging to both religions, Hinduism and Buddhism, come here to perform tantric puja and homas. As the temple is built according to the Hindu and Buddhist philosophy, the statues inside the temple belong to both religions. The temple is beautiful and is considered as one of the powerful temples in Kathmandu. It is also popular not only among the locals, but also the devotees from around and surrounding areas come to visit the temple to worship the goddess.

Many boys and girls come to perform puja in the temple to get the spouse their heart desires. It is also called the temple of love as it is believed that performing puja and pleasing the goddess will unite you with your beloved (your soulmate) for this and next six lives times. Many couples perform marriage in the temple with the hope of having the same husband/wife for next six lives. Besides this, the Mahayapi temple also holds tantric significance in both, Hinduism and Buddhism.