Mai Khola in Jhapa

Mai Khola, also named as Triyuga River, is one of the very famous rivers of Eastern Region in Nepal having both religious and historical importance. The river is originated from the great Kumbhakarna range passing through Ilam and reaching to Jhapa where it is now established as a popular picnic spot. However, the river is very steep on the upper hilly region with longest hanging bridge belt, Jhapa being Terai belt, the bed are flat due to which the speed of flowing water is less compared to hilly belts.

Mai Khola is a big picnic spot, well organized with beautiful views giving immense pleasure to the ones visiting there. One can reach here from Damak of Jhapa as it lay at the distance of 10 km ride to the east from Damak and then towards north in the mid – way of Highway. The picnic spot is well organized with electricity, drinking water facilities adding up to the convenience of the people visiting here. Prior reservation and booking are to be made to this lovely picnic spot where they can enjoy singing, dancing, swimming in the river, etc. A huge dam across the river form a huge reservoir on the north of dam where people can enjoy swimming. Also, there is a temple nearby which adds more charm to the environment giving it a religious and calming feel. Also, trekking to to Ilam through Chure range to Mahabharat Range could be started here. Since, it is the only trek route, most often, the local people use it.

mai khola

Mai Khola has beautiful scenery and serene environment where the people can gather to enjoy the leisure time without any stress, away from their busy regular life for a day. Not only the family and friends but also schools organize excursions and picnics for the students here. Mai Khola has become one of the popular tourist destinations as well. Many domestic and international tourists visit this place to relax amidst the natural environment and also to acknowledge its religious significance. On the both sides of this river, the land is fertile enough for tea cultivation which is one of major cash crops of this region in Nepal.

Thus, a visit to Mai Khola gives a wonderful experience of relaxing and rejoicing with friends and family in a beautiful and as well as peaceful environment with the soothing music of flowing river and the coolness of gentle breeze touching your face.