Major Domestic airlines in Nepal

Nepal is a Himalayan country which, although has made it one of the most beautiful countries in the world, has also made transportation difficult in most of the parts of the country. As most of the lands are covered with mountains and Himalayas, the roadways are difficult to construct and the fact that it is a third world country also proves its economic limitations for building roads on the dangerous and difficult mountainous terrains. In order to address this problem and also to provide fast and convenient travel services to the citizens, the country established its Civil Authority which gave license and guidelines to the various privately owned and also to the government airline companies to operate air travel services in and outside the country. Among the various, five most popular airline companies in Nepal are mentioned below:

Nepal Airlines Corporation

Established in the year 1958 under the Nepal Airlines Corporation Act, Nepal Airlines Corporation was incorporated with the objective of providing air transport service to any person, agency or organization who need such service for transportation of men or materials from one airport to another either within or outside the country. The only government owned airlines in Nepal, it was established as Royal Nepal Airlines Corporation. The world Royal was removed from it after the end of centuries old monarchy in the country.


The corporation not only has domestic flight services but also operates international flights to some of the neighboring countries. Usually the domestic wing of the airlines is focused on providing air travel services to the people living in the remote and rural areas of Nepal where most of the other flights or mode of transportations are unavailable. The company started its international schedule since the year 1960 with a fleet of Douglas DC-3’s. Over the years, it has started using modern and more sophisticated airplanes for providing its service, however, it is also one of the most dysfunctional airlines of the country. For further details on the airline and its destinations, log on to

Buddha Air

One of the most popular and leading private airlines in Nepal, Buddha Air envisions becoming the safest, most reliable and comfortable means of transportation in the country. Established by a team of experienced professionals with deep insight and knowledge in the airlines and air travel services, the airlines is not only famous for its high quality air travel services but also for its various scheme, packages and offers it has brought to its clients and travelers. The airline covers most of the major destinations in the country and has also recently started its international fleet to a part of the neighboring country India. Some of the services offered by Buddha Air include Everest Experience, Domestic Flight, International Flight, Buddha Holidays and Royal Club Membership. For further details, log on to

buddha air

Yeti Airlines

The airlines that started its service with one DHC-6/300 Twin Otter, Yeti Airlines Domestic Private Limited, popularly known as Yeti Airlines, today, owns around fourteen aircrafts flying to the different destinations all over the country. The privately owned airline by providing its fleet of aircrafts has served the remote population of the country living in the mountain areas where there are no roadways and the only means of transportation is either walking or by foot. The company established over a decade ago has become successful to be one of the first choices of the clients who prefer quality air travel services at reasonable prices. For further details, log on to

Agni Air

Established with the major mission of providing safe, clean and on-time air transportation in a professional and consistent manner, Agni Air is committed to provide prompt and appropriate service recovery in case of something going wrong despite its best efforts. The airline company that thrives to be the first choice for passengers and shippers with innovative technology and convenient services, Agni Air, however, has not become very successful in keeping up with its mission due to the numerous crashes and accidents it regularly suffers despite of the continuous efforts of its employees to meet its goals. Nevertheless, the airline company aims to achieve its objectives through enhanced communications, fair and progressive labor relations, state-of-art training and continued improvements to employee services and facilities. The company also plans to further its reach to other parts of the country and enhance its relation and business with other service providers as well. For further details, log on to

agni air

Sita Air

Established in the year 2003 with a single aircraft, Sita Air is one of the private airlines in the country which has become successful to maintain its reach to the remote and rural areas of Nepal. One year after its establishment, the airline started its flight to various destinations such as Janakpur, Simra, Biratnagar, Bharatpur, Bhairawa and Nepalgunj, however, it was more focused on the western region of the country due to the huge demand of the aircraft and passenger flow in the region. Sita Air also reaches to most dangerous airport of the world, Lukla Airport in the western Nepal along with covering other mountain regions in the western part of the country. Since 2007, it has started new routes to Pokhara-Kathmandu-Jomsom. The airline company offers that offers human as well as cargo charter is in the process of obtaining the license for international operations and cross boarder operations from the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal. For further details, log on to