Making Dahibada

Dahibada, the spicy yogurt with lentil fritters is one of the popular snacks in Nepal. It is prepared mostly by the Marwari community in Nepal and is popular for its mixed spicy and sweet taste. It is common in most part of the Terai region and also the Kathmandu valley. This tasty and spicy snack is easy to make and tasty to eat.

Here is one of the many ways of making dahibada.


Dahi (yogurt), mung daal (green lentil), maasko daal (black lentil), hing (asafetida), turmeric, cumin powder, fried cumin powder, birenoon (black salt), chaat masala, oil for frying and water as required.



First of all, soak equal amount of green and black lentils. When it is soaked right, wash it properly and remove all its cover. When the cover is removed, grind it into a thick paste using a blender or a silauto (traditional stone crusher). Then, add a pinch of hing, turmeric and cumin powder into the lentil mixture paste and mix it all thoroughly.

Now, put water in a deep pan to heat it. Put the heat at low.

Then, heat a pan and add oil to it. When the oil is heated, add the paste little by little like while making fulaura or bara. When all the paste is fried and made into the badas, put it into the hot water. When the badas are soaked, remove it from water and squeeze the water out of it.

Now, pour the yogurt in a large mixing bowl and add fried cumin powder, birenoon and chaat masala to it. Mix it thoroughly so that the spices get around equally. Now, add the badas into it and stir it properly. Your dahibada is ready to be served. You can also refrigerate it during the summers to enjoy the chilled dahibadas.