Making Kachhila

One of the most popular snack items belonging to the Newari community, kachhila is made of raw meat. One among the two of the most popular cuisines, choila and kachila, it is a cuisine especially unique to the Newari community. Newari community is considered as one of the richest community in terms of culinary experience.

Many restaurant and Newari khaja ghars include kachhila in to their menus to serve to the customers. One of the traditional Newari cuisines, it is popular, not only among the people belonging to the Newari community but also to the people of other communities. Although it is traditionally made with buffalo meat, people these days, have started making it with lamb or chicken meat as well. The process of making kachhila is quite simple and is mentioned below:



200 gm minced meat

20 gm fenugreek seed

20 ml mustard oil

50 gm chopped spring garlic

5 gm coriander leaves

1 dry red chili

Salt to taste

Chili powder to taste


First of all, take a large mixing bowl and put meat into it. Then, add chopped spring garlic, coriander leaves, dry red chili, salt and chili powder to it. Mix all the ingredients thoroughly. Now, heat a pan and add oil to it. When the oil is heated, splatter fenugreek seed and let it be until it turns black in color. When that happens, add turmeric powder to it and immediately pour it over the meat mixture. Again mix it thoroughly and finally garnish it with coriander and little spring garlic. Your kachhila is ready to be served.