Malati ko Bhatti

Nepali movie Malati ko Bhatti is a debut direction by Ganesh Dev Pandey which was released all over Nepal after many criticisms over its releasing date. The movie that expresses the present social problems related to the married life, features as Rekha Thapa, Jwan Luitel, Nsandita Kc and Sunil Thapa in lead roles.

The movie depicts the story of a person Aditya Sharma (Jewan Luitel) who is frustrated with his life because of an unsuccessful love marriage with his wife Sabitri (Nandita KC) who is more attracted to casinos, clubs, parties and gambling rather than paying attention to family. Soon, Aditiya also becomes an alcoholic and begins to visit a bar ‘Malati ko Bhatti’ frequently where he meets Malati (Rekha Thapa) whom, he gets attracted to and starts a new relationship. After some days, suddenly Aditiya is beaten by some gangsters and is admitted to the hospital. However, when he returns home after his discharge, he neither finds his wife there nor Malati and the whole movie revolve around mysterious disappearance of these two women. Who kidnapped the women? Who planned all this and why? These are the questions whose answers the need to find after watching it.

malati ko bhatti

The movie has every ingredient that is required by a masala movie like action, love, music, tragedy, suspense and comedy. The movie, despite of being a debut direction, has everything it requires in a balanced way. Although cinematography of the movie is good, its screenplay has nothing new in it and the movie seems to be unnecessarily lengthened with scenes that were not required otherwise. Also the justification of the characters along with their relationship is weak. Although the work by the two actresses is good, the performance by actor Jeewan Luitel has not been able to meet the expectations of the people.

An average movie Malati ko Bhatti lacks newness and creativity, however, despite of some of the major drawbacks in the movie, it will be loved by the fans of Rekha Thapa and Jeewan Luitel.