Malpi International School

Established in the year 1999 AD by a group of fifty idealists comprising of a multi-ethnic spectrum of doctors, engineers, architects, business people, industrialists and educationists, Malpi International School was conceptualized in the year 1998 AD. Committed to the cause of raising the quality of school education which is needed to the children in the twenty first century, this co-educational residential school was established in Malpi area of Panauti.

The school was established with the major objective of helping to reverse the current cultural and fiscal drain that families are undergoing by having to send their children outside the country for quality education. With the vision of providing the Nepalese children with access to schooling of the highest quality that is broad-based and balanced as well as interactive and global in dimension, the school was established to fulfill the needs of the children for a school that would help to produce future leaders with deep-rooted cultural grounding as well as confidence to move ahead in regional as well as international arena.

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Situated amidst the beautiful mountains and rich natural beauty of the rural parts of country, the school is a well equipped and fully functional academic institution with the aim to dispel the darkness caused by ignorance and disseminate knowledge and information helping to lead the student into the light. The number of students in the class is limited to minimum in order to ensure child-centered learning and also to encourage the teacher- student interactions.

The school that has adopted modern methodology of education has the objectives of providing the highest standard of formal education through a broad and balanced curriculum, encouraging an environment in which all students are encouraged to excel in whatever they undertake, providing a secure, disciplined and happy residential community environment in which the children will find good friends and personal fulfillment, inculcating a healthy attitude towards the opposite sex, creating a tolerant, welcoming, multiethnic and multinational community where individuality as well as differences are respected, developing strong moral sense of right and wrong in each child, developing the qualities of flexibility and adaptability in students which will equip them for the complex challenges of the modern world and developing love and loyalty in each students for their motherland so that they can serve and give back in greeter measure.

The school not only provides value based quality education to the students but also provides other facilities such as art, physical excellence programs, school infirmary, dining hall, library, multipurpose hall, campus, teachers residence, horse riding, swimming, outdoor education and international exchange programs.

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Malpi International School
Panauti, Kavre, Nepal
Tel: +977-11-440080/ 4400120
City Office, Heritage Plaza II
Kamaladi, Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel: +977-1-4169119
Fax: +977-1-44169120