Marsyangdi River

Considered as one of the best river in the world for rafting, Marsyangdi River located in Annapurna Himalayan Range in Nepal is popular for its whitewater rapids and the wonderful and impressive mountain backdrops. One needs to drive up to Besisahar and take four to five hour trek up to Nagdi in order to reach here. Literal meaning of Marsyangdi is ‘ranging river’ and one passes through different landscapes accompanied by scenic mountains, remote villages and natural beauty. The river is approximately 400 km long and the best time to visit here, especially for rafting, is October to December and March to May.

marsyangdi river

Marsyangdi River situated between the mountains in the far western region of Nepal offers one of the best rafting expeditions starting with a deep and pathless gorge slowly descending to the dry landscapes. The lower part of the river consists of deep canyon that is lightly populated with the wildlife. The experience of flowing along the river watching the captivating views of some finest jungles, varied wildlife along the river banks, magnificent Himalayas and mountains views, canyons and gorges is one of the best combination of adventure and excitement.

Added attraction to the area is the wonderful and adventurous Annapurna Himalayan Range, Annapurna Conservation Area and Sanctuary that is rich in biodiversity and wildlife. The variety of plant and animal species found here, some of them among the rare species, are a few major attractions of the area. You can combine your visit to the river with a trek to the Annapurna Conservation Area or Sanctuary or rafting and cannoning in the river and cannons of the region. All these adventures combined into one, makes your trip to Marsyangdi River memorable.