Mashed eggplant pickle

Egg plant is one of the common and popular vegetables consumed in Nepal. Favorite vegetable for most of the people is Nepal, eggplants are called bhanta or baigun in Nepali. It is not only used as a vegetable but could also be prepared as a pickle. Pickles are one of the most essential items in the Nepali kitchen and almost each meal includes at least one variety of pickle which is either stored in a container or freshly made. One of the popular types of freshly made pickles is the mashed eggplant pickle.

The process of making mashed eggplant pickle, also known as baigunko choka, is given below:


Eggplant (baigun or bhanta), mustard seeds, cumin seeds, fenugreek, coriander leaves, salt, green chilies, cooking oil and lemon.

Baingan Ka Bharta


First of all, wash the eggplant and then, grill it in the gas or direct fire. After that, peel off the outer layer and keep it in a plate. Then, take a pan and put some oil to heat. When the oil is heated, ad mustard seed, cumin seeds and fenugreek seeds (methi) to it and let the seeds crackle. Then, pour it over the eggplant and add chopped coriander leaves, salt and green chilies to it. Now, blend it using a blender or for better and authentic taste, squash it in the silauto (traditional Nepali stone grinder). When done, squeeze some lemon juice to it and mix it thoroughly.  Your mashed eggplant pickle is ready to be served with rice or roti.