Melodious Sanjeev Singh

One of the most popular and soulful pop singers in Nepal, Sanjeev Singh needs no introduction. His soul touching songs like Chulesima, Meri Maya, Gori Eta Sunana, Ramailo Cha Yo Sanjha, etc. are still on the lips of many music lovers. Calling him merely a singer is not enough as he is also one of the good composers in Nepali music industries and most of his songs and many other songs have been composed by him. He went to UK, leaving Nepal, for his personal reasons, however, his passion for music could not let him stay too long. He came back to cater his new creation among his fans who had been desperately waiting to hear him sing again.

sanjeev singh

He began his musical career as a bar singer at a tender age of 14 singing along with senior bands like Rodi and Madan Singh Nepali in five star hotels. His childhood was spent in his maternal grandparents’ home where he used to learn music with his uncles who were senior musicians in Nepal. He left Nepali music scenario with a big NO for at least six years and kept himself busy sorting out family problems. However, his friends and family forced him to come back and also his passion for music pulled him back into track once again.

[youtube][/youtube] It had been a long time and he found many changes in musical scene of Nepal, mostly positive changes like advancement in technology, new and talented singers emerging in industry, however, there still was one of the biggest problems that was ‘piracy’. His comeback album Muglan took four years to complete and it consists mostly of typical and melodious music with fusion of jazz, rock and folk tunes which were recorded in Central London. This album of his is dedicated to the Nepalese Army as the term Muglan used to be related to them in the Nepali society and culture.

He kept composing songs while he was in England and he realized that he could no longer live without music. Whenever he holds his guitar and starts playing it, music comes naturally to him from his heart and soul. Sanjeev Singh entered Nepali music industry for the second time and this time, it was for better. So, his fans are happy again for finding their lost music icon back.