Mission Development Bank Limited

Update: The bank merged with Tinau Development Bank Limited in 2019  and started operating as Tinau Mission Development Bank Limited.

Established under the Bank and Financial Institution Act 2063 BS, Mission Development Bank Limited is a regional level development bank. It is certified as a ‘B’ class financial institution by the Nepal Rastra Bank. The bank with its head office at Butwal is dedicated in performing its banking activities and services for the prosperity of the people in the region and ultimately the nation. To ensure quality to its valued customers and clients, the bank has come up with new financial instruments and provides modern banking services, efficient customer services and wide coverage of banking activities within the urban and rural areas in the proposed districts.

mission development bank

The highly skilled and well experienced management team of the bank looks after the operation of the bank that includes activities such as day-to-day operations as well as risk management. Fully equipped with the modern technology, Mission Development Bank Limited has the modern facilities such as ATMs, debit cards, SMS banking, etc. along with the world-known software from Trust Bank Technologies System, Nagpur, India. The bank is promoted by experienced and qualified professionals who come from different professional background and have excellent personal ability, sound academic qualification and adequate exposure in the related field with high social profile in the country such as banking, business, trading houses, industries, government services, university professors, etc.

The bank aims to become one of the first choices of the banking and financial service clients when it comes to a development bank. For fulfilling its commitment to its clients and customers, the bank has brought various products and services on offer with attractive interest rates. Under its deposit scheme, the bank has Current Deposit, Saving Deposit, Corporate Account and Fixed Deposit sub schemes while under its Loan and Advances category, it offers Agriculture Loan, Deprived Sector (Micro-Credit Loan), Education Loan, Home Loan, Real Estate Loan, Personal Loan, Hire Purchase Loan (Personal and Business), Business and Trade Loan, Industrial Loan, Foreign Employment Loan, Employees Loan and Loan Against Fixed Deposit (FDR Loan). Besides these, Mission Development Bank Limited also has other services on offer such as Payment Gateway, E-Banking, SMS Banking, ATM and debit cards, Remittance, etc. The bank with its head office at Butwal has its five branch offices at Drivertole, Tamnagar, Basgadi, Bhumahi and Gopigunj.

The bank merged with Tinau Development Bank Limited in 2019 and started operating as Tinau Mission Development Bank Limited. The bank later acquired Nepal Community Development Bank Limited in the same year.