Mixed vegetable pickle

Pickles are one of the most essential items included in the Nepali meal. Pickles act as a taste enhancer as well as help in increasing appetite. There are various types of pickles that are made in Nepal and most of them are made with fruits and vegetables. Some of the famous pickles are mango pickle, amala pickle, radish pickle, etc. Some pickles are made fresh while others are stored in airtight containers.

One of the many varieties of fresh pickles is that of cabbage, carrot and potato. This spicy pickle is easy to make and is tasty as well. You can also eat it in larger quantity than others. Here is the process of making mixed vegetable pickle:

mixed vegetable pickle


Thinly cut cabbage, grated carrot, boiled potatoes, mustard oil, fenugreek seeds, cumin seeds, turmeric, green chili, til ko chhop 

(sesame seed pickle), salt, jimmu and lemon.


First of all, dice the boiled and peeled potatoes into small cubes and keep it aside. Then remove the outer layer and grate carrots and put it over potato pieces. Then, heat a pan and add oil to it. When the oil is heated, splatter fenugreek and cumin seeds to it and when the seeds start to crackle, add green chili. After the green chili changes its color, add turmeric and jimmu and then put the cut cabbage into it. Fry it for few minutes without covering ituntil the water comes out of it. Then, let the water evaporate and when that happens, take it out of the heat. Put it over the potato and carrot and mix it thoroughly. Season it with salt and fresh lemon juice and mix it well so that the salt and lemon with be mixed evenly. When done, your mixed vegetable pickle made of cabbage, carrot and potato is ready to be served with rice or roti.