Monastic Higher Secondary English Boarding School

Established in the year 1985, Monastic Higher Secondary English Boarding School is a private boarding school in Janakpurdham in Dhanusa district of Nepal. The school that was initially established at a rented house in Bhanu Chowk where it stayed for seven years after which it was shifted to its present location at Dhanushapath, south of the town.

The school named Monastic after the Sanskrit word ‘Gurukul’ which refers to a type of residential school in India where the students lived close to the teachers, was founded by Dr Mithilesh Sah. However, the school does not follow the age old guru-shishya parampara or the teacher-student tradition and is a normal residential school. The co-educational school operates classes from primary level to higher secondary level.

monastic school

The school was upgraded to higher secondary school in the year 2006 with science, management, arts and education faculties on offer for the level. The school has made it compulsory for its students to take district level qualification exam in grade eight along with other important test. Also, the school offers two courses of study that are School Leaving Certificate Level (SLC, which is a nationwide curriculum up to grade ten and is prescribed by the Department of Education of Nepal Government) and ten plus two level (10+2, which is affiliated to Higher Secondary Education Board and is equivalent to A-Levels or high school).

Monastic school is a fully fledged English medium school which has three branches (lower secondary, secondary and higher secondary) that are supervised by three different people. However, most of its issues are controlled by the founder principal. Popular and reputed for its quality of education and good results in the SLC as well as annual examinations, the school also offers boarding facilities for its students along with providing local transportation services to those students living far from the school area. The school not only believes in and prioritizes quality education but also gives emphasis to extracurricular activities and encourages its students to participate in it as much as they can. It also organizes training sessions for personality development and singing and dancing classes where most of the dances are of local mithilanchal origin. The school encourages its students to preserve and practice their culture along with their education so that they would be able to live as a qualified and moral citizen of the country.

The school has also maintained a good relationship with the Leo Club of Nepal and the students have been actively participating in the events such as blood donation and volunteering camps, organized by the local Leo Clubs. The school is also an active member and local monitoring body for the Student Quality Circle. The school with the motto ‘Quality Education for Quality Life’ has become successful to gain a reputation for being one of the popular and highly recognized schools in the region with its commitment to quality education and service to its students.

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