Launched by the Muncha House with the sole motto of reaching out broadly to its customers around the globe, is the Muncha Internet Venture that went live in April 2000. For reasons of conciseness, it later changed to MUNCHA.COM, however, it has been providing the same services as before and is committed to improve its services.

It has also established local phone lines in the USA, UK, Australia, Spain, Italy and Ireland in order to serve clients in various parts of the world and now, the customers in these countries can call directly in the respective phone numbers of their countries of residence to receive customer service. The 24 hour a day seven days a week customer care service was started by it keeping in mind the locations of its customers that are spread all around the world.


It facilitates all the Nepalese living abroad to send gifts to Nepal and even within Nepal, its coverage goes beyond Kathmandu to over a hundred and twenty far flung destinations. In addition to it, it also encourages local shopping in Nepal through MUNCHA.COM enabling people inside Kathmandu to shop electronically staying inside their house and getting their goods delivered to their doorsteps at reasonable prices.

Since 2004, it also started to provide the service of online money transfer which is done through the website Although this service was only available to clients in the USA initially, it has now been expanded to UK, Canada, Australia and the sixteen countries that use the Euro. It aspires to provide all the products available in Nepal for sale to its clients and for this purpose it has converted its site to an online mall through which any organization in Nepal could sell their products online using the platform provides. This has resulted in over thirty five prominent shops like UFO, Benetton, Reebok, etc. selling their products through also started Bazaar through in 2010 that enabled any individual to sell their products online. It doesn’t matter whether the products are new, used or even not working, all that the sellers need to do is to clearly mention the condition of the products that they are selling online. This has provided an online platform for both institutions and individuals to sell their wares online to anyone in Nepal along with anyone outside Nepal wanting to sell their products to people in Nepal. was started by the same people who started and has been operating the regular departmental store named Muncha House in New Road.