Muncha House

Muncha House, a regular departmental store located in the heart of the capital, New Road, was initially established at Balkumari, Ason and back then, it went by the name of Moti Man Ratna Man. The shop came to be known as Munch House only after the 1930s when it moved to New Road where it is located today with the same name of Munch House.

It is one of the oldest and leading departmental stores in Nepal and has served its customers consistenly for over eight decades by retailing, wholesaling and also supplying business organizations with their daily necessities. Although housed in a large building with more than two floors, Muncha House would be easily missed by the people who do not know of it or visiting it for the first time. It is located in a small dark alley heading left after you walk past the Gudpak Bhandars lying a little ahead of the New Road Gate.


Although this place looks small from the outside, it is bigger in the sense of housing various products required for household and daily use purposes. Usually the place is always crowded with the customers busy selecting their purchases and the shopkeepers and salesperson packing and restocking the products. The entrance is almost as big as the room itself with only one third of its side being blocked with glass doors and racks. Just as you enter the store, to your left is the counter where you would be enquiring about or paying for your purchases. The ground floor offers the products and items needed in the kitchen like the paper towels, napkins, chopsticks, knife sets, straws, packing boxes and disposable utensils like spoons, forks, plates of different sizes and designs, glasses, cups, paper plates while the upper floor has products like cleaning agents and brushes, glass utensils and other products that are required in the household.

Muncha House offers all these products at wholesale prices which make buying the products here cheaper than buying at other stores, one of the reasons why Muncha House is always crowded with the hordes of customers.