Munching on the Nimki

Most of us love to sit in front of a television with a packet of chips, bowl of popcorns or nachos in our one hand and a drink (hot or cold) on the other while we watch our favorite television program. We always enjoy light snacks when we plant ourselves in front of a TV. And sometimes, we might not be able to buy the chips or nachos or run out of the popcorns. Hence, in times like that, having a jar full of Nimki at our kitchen drawers might solve our problem. These deep fried flour crackers, locally called Nimki in Nepal, not only serve as snack we would love to munch on while we watch television but also as an item to pack into a child’s Tiffin box for his school lunch. It could also be enjoyed with tea while you talk with your family members or invite a friend over for a cup of tea.

This easy to make cracker could be stored on an air-tight container for weeks and taken out whenever you want to munch on. Here is a simple way of preparing Nimki.



1.2 lb all flour wheat

½ tsp cumin

2 cups or more oil for deep frying

Salt to taste


First of all, roast the cumin in low oven heat for some time and grind it when it is cool. Now, mix the cumin and salt with the flour and knead the mixture with two to three teaspoons of oil and water to make dough. Next, roll the mixture dough flat and fold it. Roll it again and flat it and repeat the process once more. Now, cut the dough in diamond shape and make them about 1 inch in size or any size you desire. After that, heat the oil in skillet on medium heat. Then, fry the diamond shaped Nimki until they turn brownish in color. When it takes the desired color and looks crispy, remove it from the oil and soak excessive oil using a paper towel. Your Nimki is ready to be served hot or let it cool and store it in an air tight container and enjoy it with tea anytime you like.