Music video director Bibhor Pokhrel

A model, music video director and now, a film director, Bibhor Pokhrel has many identities to add up to his career. Having directed more than a hundred and fifty music videos in his eight years career as a music video director, he has also tried his hand in movie direction with the movie Ma Ani Timi, a suspense love triangle. He has directed some of the hit music videos including Bharat Sitaula’s Huncha bhane huncha, Damber Nepali’s Timilai aru ko angalo ma, Kamal Khatri’s Bachne aasa ma and Bunu Manandhar’s Kalpana. Having gained a lot of experiences from modeling to music video direction to film direction, he wants to create his own identity.

Also the creative director of ‘play it on, reloaded’, he believes that it is essential to do the direction course before you start making videos. Taking the course gives you technical knowledge on the subject and helps you in the field, however, creativity is also one of the most important aspects of a music video director. He got involved into film making by accepting the proposal of his friends who came to him with a proposal of making a film together. Although he dreamt of becoming a movie director and directing a film in future, he never thought the time would come so soon.

bibhor pokhrel

His first film, a suspense love story although seems to be similar to other love stories as its major theme is love, he believes being a part of the young generation and having the experience of directing numerous music videos, the audience will find it different than the mainstream love stories in Nepali movies. He has not only done course in direction but also completed Diploma in Digital Cinematic Technology and have done editing courses as well.

He believes that it is challenging to grab the audiences’ attention for such a long time in movies unlike in music videos that lasts for about four to five minutes. However, the thinking and presentation on both requires hard work and dedication. He wants to direct at least two to three best music videos (kind of his dream project) and with the response collected from his film Ma ani Timi, he might as well plan directing another movie in future.