Mutton Pakku

Mutton meat is something that is most popular in entire Nepal, among all the cultural, social and ethnic groups. Preparing mutton dishes is one of the most required items on the menu when you invite anyone (Nepali) for lunch or dinner and if they, as well as you, happen to be non-vegetarian then a mutton item is expected of a host to cater to the guests during the meal. Moreover, usually, when you send over an invitation, this dish is automatically added to the food menu that the guest expects. Strange but true!

Well, there are many varieties of cuisines that you can prepare for the special meal and the most common are the gravy and the pakku (which is dry and tastier, also known as kebabs). Many people have their own way of making pakku but the recipe below is brought directly from the grandma’s kitchen with a promise to be tastier and gratifying.

This is how you can make it:


Lamb meat without fat, cumin powder, cardamom powder, black pepper powder, lemon juice, salt to taste, ghee (clarified butter), chili powder and oil for cooking.

mutton pakku


First of all, take a deep mixing bowl and put the meat (cut into small pieces) into it. Then add, cumin powder, cardamom powder, pepper powder, salt, fresh lemon juice, chili powder and ghee and also some oil to it. Then, mix all the ingredients thoroughly and let it marinade for about an hour in the same pan or pressure cooker you are going to cook it on. Now, if you are cooking it on a pressure cooker, then, put the cooker on the gas stove on high heat and let it cook. After four to five whistles, check the meat and cook it further on low heat until it is cooked properly, however, make sure there is no water left.

If you are cooking it on a pan or a deep utensil, which takes about an hour to cook, however, is tastier, then cook it over low heat until the meat is tender and cooked properly. When cooked, garnish your mutton pakku with chopped cilantro before you serve it to your guests. You can also refrigerate it for few days, however, in that case, do not add the cilantro. This recipe from grandma’s kitchen is surely going to get you some credit as the master chef of the dinner or lunch party you are hosting.