Namaste Nepali Language for Foreigners

Established after years of experience in the field of Nepali language, Namaste Nepali Language for foreigners aims to provide quality language services to those foreign and international students willing to engage themselves in voluntary works as well as temporary residents in Nepal. For those who come for a longer stay, it is very essential that they understand and use the language as every time, not everyone could be able to speak with them in their native language. With the aim of helping the foreign and international students speak and write in Nepali language, the institute was established at the touristic hub of Kathmandu (Thamel).

The institute provides the language education from pre basic level making it easy for the students to try and understand and as they began to pass the first level, they get higher to advanced level. The institute not only provides knowledge in Nepali language but also helps you to understand something about traditions, Nepali customs and culture of the country. Depending upon the preference, desire and most of all, budget and time of the students, Namaste Nepali Language for Foreigners organizes classes from one week up to one year or more.

namaste nepali language institute

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Promoted and operated by some of the highly qualified and experienced teachers, the institute teaches the students to use general language within twenty hours. The institute also arranges classes for the students at their own office premises or at the students’ office depending upon the students’ request. The classes are provided on group-wise as well as individual basis depending upon the situation and request of the students. Moreover, the institute could provide flexible time to learn for the students. The institute that is familiar with methods of adult learning, not only provides one of the best levels of education in Nepali language to its students but also gave them free stationery.

The courses are divided into six categories such as Beginner, 01 Week, Elementary, Lower Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate and Advanced. For the further detail and information regarding the language training institute as well as its services, contact:

Namaste Nepali Language for Foreigners
GPO Box: 20137
Jyatha, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel: +977-1-4253405