Namo Buddha Trade Suppliers

Namo Buddha Trade Suppliers was established with the objective of providing quality services to its customers in 2007 AD. Namo Buddha Trade Suppliers offers products from various brands supplying the products that mostly consist of bathroom furniture and supplies.

One thing that attracts or deters people from visiting there (most often) is the condition of the washrooms there be it house or office or any other place. The washroom must be well maintained to give the impression that the people in the place give priority to health and sanitation, which is a must especially in case of restaurants, hotels and eateries along with hospitals and other places as such. With its products and services, Namo Buddha Trade Suppliers helps you to enhance the standard and presentation of your bathroom making it one of the rooms that all your guests will admire.

namo buddha trade suppliers

Established with the vision of becoming a leading supplier in the world of trade and commerce, the company has been providing quality products (bathroom wares) and services to its customers for past few years and it aims to establish itself as one of the best suppliers of automobiles and electronic products in near future.

Some of the products offered by the company are taps, toilet paper holders, toilet seats, toilets, towel bars, towel rings, urinals and other sanitary wares along with soap holders, soap dispensers, shower sets, shower rooms, shower panels, shower heads, shower curtains and other bathroom furniture and lights, all of these belonging to some of the renowned companies like Hindware, CPVC, Astrau, PPR. Nepatop , GI, Delta and Kohler. One of the leading suppliers of the bathroom products and furniture, Namo Buddha Trade Suppliers has been dedicated to give a cozy and warm feel to your bathroom and enhance the outlook and environment of your bathroom.