Nanglo Bakery Café

A chain of restaurant in Nepal popular for catering to the taste of fast food lovers for many years now, Bakery Café also known as Nanglo Bakery Café is different than other fast food restaurants in Nepal. Having its branches in Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Butwal and Tansen, it has become famous not only for the yummy chicken momos but also for its excellent services and the waiters and waitresses working there.  However, the most delicious chicken momo, along with chicken chilly momo in town is served at its Jawalakhel outlet.

The restaurant was first established in 1973 by Shyam Kakshyapati and during that time, it was even difficult to find the right buns for the burgers or bread for the sandwiches. That is how Nanglo Bakery Café came to the picture, in the year 1982, as a place to supply the bakery products for the restaurant.

Because of having a bakery service within and also being one of the oldest bakeries in Nepal, the cake, muffins and the pastries are some of the must-try items on its menu. The restaurant, however, is not a regular one for an ordinary Nepali as the food here, most of the times, does not cater to their taste and also the price is high due to additional VAT and tax, which is otherwise excluded in most of the moderate restaurants in Nepal. But as we all know, the taste of the food depends upon placing the right order and also the restaurants. If Jawalakhel branch serves best momos, then the New Baneshwor branch might specialize in something else. You can’t expect to find same taste everywhere just because the brand of the café is same. You should know what to order in which branch. The Durbarmarg branch, however, is known for the mediocre food and lousy service. The restaurants impose 13% VAT and 10% tax, while most of the mid range Nepali restaurants do not impose VAT in Nepal.

The service, however, is good, despite the fact that the waiters and waitresses catering to the customers are dumb and deaf. They are trained by the owner himself and the criteria for selection is that they are able to read and write English and are proficient in sign language. The Hotel Association of Nepal and the Austrian-Salzburg Hotel Management School conducted training programs in the kitchen management in Kathmandu for 30 of Nanglo’s deaf and dumb staffs along with other staffs from other restaurants. The trainer was impressed by how well they were able to communicate with others. Nanglo is popular and has also been covered by television crews from around the world including BBC, highlighting these employment opportunities for the disabled group which are otherwise neglected and dominated in Nepal.

For those who don’t know what to order here, chicken momos and cake might be a start. You can also use your cards for payment and can also reserve a table prior your arrival. There are more than 14 branches of the café within and outside of Kathmandu, making it one of the largest and most popular restaurant chains in Nepal.