Natural hot spring in Tatopani

One of the most popular natural hot water springs in Nepal, Tatopani is situated about five kilometers south of Kodari on the border of Nepal and Tibet (China). Although it is not as sophisticated as hot springs in other countries, it is popular among the people of Nepal who seek solace from pain and go for a refreshing bath in the scalding waters said to have medicinal and healing powers.

Usually getting a ride from Kathmandu to Tatopani might be easy but the way back is quite difficult as the public buses are packed with locals headed for the Tibet border town to purchase cheaply made Chinese good and you might only get seats on the roof which you might consider as thrill or danger as per your preference.

natural hot spring

The healing effects that the hot springs have because of the high mineral content in the water are makes it popular and its benefits include blood purification through elimination of toxins in the body and reactivation of delayed metabolism in those who are suffering from Rheumatism. It also acts as a muscle relaxant for stiffness and rehabilitation. The reasons for the natural hot springs are the tectonic movements deep below the earth’s surface that produces geothermal energy forming the hot springs. The underground sources of water come into contact with the heated rocks warm significantly and rise up sometimes reaching to the boiling point in the areas with volcanic activity.


Tatopani was frequently visited by the tourists until 1980s, however, at present, it is mostly the locals visiting there. The common area has a shower and is separated by a low concrete partition for male and female. The showers are shaped as colorful lion head spouting the spring water between their fanged teeth. There is swimming pool, populated by little children taking turns to do back flips into the murky water soaking in bathtubs or relaxing in the sauna rooms, besides the basic shower. However, people are advised not to expose their body to the water for more than fifteen minutes at a time and to keep warm under a towel immediately after to avoid falling ill from an extreme temperature change.

The majestic views of Bhote Koshi or the Tibet River running down from China into the lush green vegetation is one of the other major attraction of the place beside the hot spring. Also, the Last Resort or Borderland Resort a little farther down the river is the place for the thrilling and adventurous sports like bungy jumping, cannoning, etc. Hence, Tatopani is an ideal place to get away from the crowd of Kathmandu and relieve your exhaustion by dipping into the hot spring.