NEBICO Private Limited

Initially established as National Biscuit and Company Private Limited in 1964 (2021 BS) by late King Mahendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev, NEBICO Private Limited is a pioneer biscuit industry in Nepal which got its present name later in 1968. However, it was only in 2023 BS that the company started its production process due to machinery problems.

Situated in Balaju Industrial Corridor, Kathmandu, occupying 73000 sq feet of the land, NEBICO came to operation leading as a biscuit and confectionary manufacturer of Nepal in 1967 to substitute imported biscuits and confectionary. The factory of NEBICO was established with the capacity of six metric tons per day and in 1968, it further increased its capacity from 2 MT to 10 MT. In 1980, it collaborated with a leading biscuit manufacturer of India, Britannia Industries Limited, for technical and production purpose and it later joined the Stock Company as well. The company currently (2010) has been running two shifts (eight hours shift basis) and according to the 2001 data, the annual production of the company is around 2400 metric tons.

nebico products

The ISO 9001:2000 certified company has also been subscribed to the global compact company. The company that started its production with semi automated machines covers about seventy percent of total market share in Kathmandu valley and it plans to expand its market by covering newer regions along with its strategy to provide good quality biscuits all over the Nepali market. The products of the company have big market in place like Chitwan, Butwal and the hilly areas of western Nepal. However, in eastern parts of the country, its market is relatively poor.

The company started with the vision of providing quality and volume for the entire satisfaction of its valued consumer still rules the market as one of the leading biscuit and confectionary manufacturer. The products of the company include thin arrowroot, malt glucose, khaja, marie, nice, coconut crunches, rhino and digestive biscuits.